Simple Tips to Increase Your Harley Davidson Tires Life

Harley Davidson is the trendy motor bike that every man wants to ride in his life time. Each and every bike is designed specially and represents the uniqueness in each model. These are high speed bikes which are made using some of the costly materials, so regular maintenance plays a very important rule in the successful running of the bike without any hassles. As tires are very important part of any motor bike as well as for the Harley Davidson bikes.

Many of bike lovers have a passion in maintaining the antique motorcycles of Harley Davidson also, so here are some tips to follow in order to increase your motorcycle tires.

  • Make sure to check the tire pressure weekly and ensure that you do it when the tire is cool. The tire pressure should be checked using the accurate tire-pressure gauge. Whether it is a Harley Davidson JD or Harley Davidson VL or any other model, set the tire pressure to the recommended level listed on the sidewall and also what’s recommended for your ride in the owner’s manual.
  • Aggressive starts and stops of the motorcycle will increase the wear and tear of the bike’s tire. High speeds in windy air condition will increase the wear and tear of the rear tire as it has to really work hard to maintain the speeds in any environmental conditions.
  • Every rider must know that any type of riding that reduces the fuel efficiency will also reduce the life of the tire. If you are an extended highway rider, the rear tires will typically wear more quickly and reduce the life of tires
  • Make sure to wash your tires just like your Harley Davidson bike, but ensure to wash them without soap and water to ensure that the tire coatings are not removed and also the tire grips are not reduced.

These are the simple tips that everyone has to follow in order to maintain the condition of the tire and also increase it life. There are many parts like Harley Davidson Saddles should also be maintained perfectly from time to time.


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