Harley Davidson JD

The Harley Davidson JD had introduced its first motorcycle always V-twin in 1909, but it was until 1911 when they added a mechanical entry reading lamp that company got it just right. A 61 cubical-inch version of the engine would be remain in production of the motorbike for last two decades. 1914 Harley Davidson JD motorcycle V-twin perform final chain drive, a proper use of clutch to provide the three speed gearbox. Gelomans is the best service provider for oldest motorbike spare parts repair. The Harley Davidson JD lighting and inflammation consist of 6 volt generator inflammation unit storage battery for the motorcycle, headlight, taillight and motorbike driven oil pressing light. The inflammation system involve a circuit breaker, all spare parts of our company to repair this motorcycle. This motorcycle accessories are distributed and high tension coil was located behind the motorcycle engine. Gelomans old motorcycle spare parts sell online at very cheap prices.


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